If you are viewing this on a newer MacBook Pro, click on the logo below to induce vomiting!

Ever since I first heard about how Firefox was going to incorporate accelerometer functionality to their 3.6 release, I’ve been wanting to test it out for myself.  I borrowed some code from Paul Rouget to create this nauseating example.  There were a lot of comments early on about why add this functionality to a desktop browser.  It seemed clear to me that this would give a huge advantage to Firefox once accelerometers were the norm in tablets since it appears they will be first to market.  Now, with Apple’s rumored pending announcement of their tablet (the iSlate?) it looks like a win for Firefox.  I can see SaaS apps, games, and photo sharing sites being some early adopters.
You’ll need the beta of Firefox 3.6 to see the below example in action.  Get it here: Firefox 3.6b5

If you have a MacBook Pro and Firefox 3.6 beta, click on the image above to start the madness.  Refresh your browser to make it stop.

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