SIXTEENED - An exploration of Section 16 filings

Project Overview

Working with the SEC Data Guy, we’re creating a visualization engine intended to combine historic stock value with stock purchase and sale transactions by principal investors.   Principal investors include anyone who owns more than 10% of the company’s stock or has principal control over the company, including CEO’s, CFO’s, Board Members, etc.  Principal investors are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to report any transaction they complete. It is assumed that if a principal investor has a tendency to make personally beneficial transactions prior to positive or negative spikes in stock value, they may have made these transactions with insider knowledge.  This is against the law (think Enron).

Like most data visualization designs, the goal is to provide clarity to data that the data alone can’t provide.  It provides opportunity to explore data by providing context and focus.  Context, in this case, is the form of layering Section 16 regulatory filings data of principal investors (buys/sells) over the historic stock closing values of the same corporation over time.  Focus is afforded by allowing filtering and zooming in on the data, down to the details of individual transactions.

Current Progress

Due to some initial problems we had formatting our proprietary data source, the decision was made to move forward with an interactive prototype using static representations of real and fabricated data.  We wanted to see the best way to visualize the data while we worked out our data feed issues.  I designed and built the prototype using jQuery UI (slider) and Zurb’s Foundation.  This prototype helped us focus our efforts.  This representation is part of a much larger project and is intended to be our minimum viable product.  Basically, we want to get the most basic useful product live as quickly as possible so we can validate our assumptions and inform our decisions going forward.

Future Work

We intend to continue to build the ‘real’ visualization based on what we are learning from this prototype.  The prototype is a ‘living’ representation of our progress.  It will continue to be a place for us to refine ideas.  So, expect updates regularly.

NOTE:  At this point, the vis is not mobile friendly, not even on an iPad.  This is due to some code that uses absolute pixel dimensions.  I’ll make the updates to the code soon but at this point we’re sticking with what we have to keep focused on incorporating the ‘live’ data.

View the prototype in all its glory. (opens in new tab)  Go ahead and look at the code but don’t judge (it may look ugly to the trained eye).

SIXTEENED - An exploration of Section 16 filings SEC Data Vis Sketch