Ridgid Microsite - Live site

Ridgid tools came to Optiem needing a microsite to showcase their line of pro-grade inspection tools.  The company doesn’t have a lot of flexibility when it comes to their main site so we had the opportunity (and backing of the client) to do something a bit more progressive and ambitious for the microsite.  As the UX lead, I needed to help align the business goals of educating contractors and prosumers on the benefits of their brand of products with the desire to create something fun and interactive.  Working with our designers and developers, we came to a solution that we felt did the job.

We decided on a long-page design showcasing the tools.  What we didn’t want was users to have to navigate the long page looking at details on products that don’t fit their needs.  The final design used progressive disclosure techniques that allowed the user to quickly scroll through the family of products and expose details on particular products only if they take action.

In the end, the client was happy, the Ridgid community reacted favorably and traffic to the site is through the roof (I don’t have the specific numbers), compared to historic implementations of microsites.

This launched in February 2012, so we should have enough data to report success.  Stay tuned as I bring that together.

Ridgid Tools Microsite Initial Flow Ridgid Microsite Ridgid Microsite - Live site Ridgid Microsite - Live with Details Exposed

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